Geek Debate: What’s the most effective way to prevent sickness?

Welcome to this week’s Geek Debate where we will be discussing the most effective ways you can prevent yourself from getting sick.

So is it washing your hands?

Getting a flu shot?

Krill oil supplements?

Let’s take a look…

Ranking the best ways to prevent sickness

1. Probiotics

Probiotics are a relatively new term in the health space, but they have become the most popular preventative supplement across the globe.

In our guts we have billions of living micro-organisms. Some of them are good, some not so good. So how do you keep a balance?

Probiotic supplements.

Yes, you can get probiotics naturally by eating foods like yogurt and cottage cheese. But taking a probiotic supplement is probably the single most efficient and effective way to ensure you are maintaining a healthy balance of your gut organisms.

2. Washing your hands

Uh, welcome to elementary school where the nurse will come around to each class and demonstrate the proper way to wash your hands.

Worth it?

Actually, turns out it certainly is worth it. Washing your hands periodically is a great way to make sure you aren’t contaminating your body with unwanted germs.

How often should you wash? Well, not too much. Washing your hands with soap too much can cause dry skin and even rashes.

The obvious answers; after the bathroom, after going to a public place like a grocery store, work office, or school, and before you touch or prepare any food.

Not so obvious answers; after touching your face, after using a computer/tablet/phone, before going to bed (we do some weird stuff with our hands while we sleep believe it or not), and after petting a cat or dog.

3. Regular exercise

Routine exercise does amazing things for your body. It can help regulate your hormonal balances, improve cardiovascular health, and keep your immune system in check.

Not to mention, regular exercise also contributes to regular sleep and eating habits.

Keeping these in check will help your body be ready to fight off any harmful organisms you might be exposed to.

4. Adequate Sleep

Sleep, sleep, sleep. It’s important you know.

It’s like connecting your body to the charging cable so you can power up back to full strength.

When you lack sleep, your body has to work extra hard to carry out normal body functions. This weakens the immune system and can make you vulnerable to sickness.

But it is also important to remember that too much sleep isn’t necessarily healthy either. Keep a balance by setting a nightly hourly sleep goal and try not to let yourself get too far behind.


There are many things you can be doing to prevent yourself from getting sick.

Simply put, you gotta eat good, sleep good, exercise good, and drink a lot of water.

But simply adding a few extra preventative measures can be the difference maker that keeps you from getting sick next flu season.

Don’t be afraid to try new stuff out and see what works for you. After all, it’s the only body you have for the rest of your life so you better take good care of it.

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Are people making any money with MOBE? (My Online Business Empire)

One of the most popular online business opportunities of the last decade, My Online Business Empire did some big things.

But before we get into the full details, is the company even worth looking into?

Let’s be honest. MOBE is confusing as hell.

Took me a long way to understand all the products – and boy, are there plenty of upsells.

So I’ll cut through all the bs and preface the entire article below by saying: no.

As in, there is almost NO shot of you ever making money with this thing, or any other internet based MLM, affiliate program or business ‘opportunity’.

Let’s start by getting a couple of key points out of the way.

First of all, I’m not here to play scam buster, like the other Wealthy Affiliate dudes you’ve seen out there who sneakily try to recruit you into their deals instead.

Secondly, I’m also not here to go over the founders, the products, the compensation plan, or the pros and cons. You could just as easily get that information off the other 9 websites ranked up on Page 1 with me.

Thirdly, yes. I know I’m biased. Just like how the dudes who are promoting MOBE write articles that sing praises about the company, I’m leaning against them.

Lastly, I really couldn’t give a damn whether you end up joining MOBE or not, or whether you end up making moolah from it. Hey, it’s your credit card.

As long as you know exactly what you’re getting into before joining, you really should have no one to blame but yourself if you lose your shirt.

I’m only here to highlight a couple of things I’ve noticed from a business viability point of view, not just about the company but the industry as a whole.

Take it from someone with 2 degrees and an Australian MBA. From the outside, MOBE (like every other MLM) looks fine and dandy.

Get all in, use the ‘MOBE lifestyle’ as a recruitment tool and sell the products to earn commissions. Gotcha.

But herein lies what I believe is the biggest problem with MLMs is: their products are ridiculously overpriced.

Would you honestly have spent $25k going all in, no matter how good the products are, if it wasn’t for the fact that you could earn 50% commissions on them?

And how come nobody is addressing the fact that it costs an eye popping $25k for what is essentially nothing more than a series of videos to go all in with MOBE?

That’s 1 year of college tuition at an Ivy League college, brother.

What, do you happen to have $25k of spare change lying around the house?

Let’s face it. The company wouldn’t be in business if it wasn’t for the ridiculously over the top income making opportunity it provides.

If a company really had a solid product offering, it wouldn’t need an MLM structure.

The same way you would never pay $20 for a Starbucks (some idiots might I suppose), for any successful company to remain sustainable the products offered must provide more value than the product is priced.

That’s a simple law of commerce and will never ever change.

Which is why so many of these companies get red hot for a few months, and then tank when people start realizing it’s full of shit.

Look. I agree that some of these MLMs have great products.

MOBE may very well be one of them. I don’t know. I have never tried their stuff.

But I’m sure as shit not gonna blow $9,000 on an overpriced upsell video course. Which brings me to the next point:

I absolutely get why the MLM industry sucks in so many people a year: there are absolutely zero barriers to entry.

Seriously. Anyone with a credit card limit high enough can join and start today.

Unfortunately, that’s also a huge downside for a fledgling beginner, because good luck trying to compete against 300,000 affiliates, all selling the same thing and duking it out for the same traffic sources.

You might have the best product in the world, but if your business model is based around buying a set of products, learning from those products and using those new skills to sell the exact same products to other people, you’re shit out of luck.

Aren’t you just creating more and more competitors for you to battle it out against?

From an economics point of view, that’s just plain bloody stupid.

I’m not saying you can’t make money (some people definitely have) but unless you’re:

  1. a phenomenal marketer who can charm the lights out of people, or
  2. privy to a secret source of traffic with zero competition you can tap into, or
  3. able to create a long list of bonuses to sway prospects to join your team, instead of the dude who is making all that money at the top, or
  4. you have secret Juju magic powers,

… it’s an uphill climb.

Sure, you might occasionally see the top earners standing on stage, holding big fat checks, but you have to remember that these guys are exceptions.

They’d make money selling anything they want.

Take me as an example. I get all my traffic from top Google rankings. That’s how I get 99% of all my business and leads.

But unless you are an SEO expert who knows how to rank sites at the top of Google, or able to outrank my website (you probably can’t), or able to provide better value than me, prospects are always going to pick me (the big guy) over you.

This is a boast, but good luck trying to outmarket me.

Who needs you in that transaction if you’re not providing any sort of value, when your prospect can simply join someone else?

That’s right. Most of the time, you’re a small fish that doesn’t need to be there in the transaction. People are gonna buy whether or not you’re there to sell them something.

Do you know how many MLM marketers fail? 99%.

Doesn’t that disturb you a little? If I induced you to put money into a business in which the track record was that 99 percent had lost before you – and I kept telling you it’s the opportunity of a lifetime – that’s borderline retarded, isn’t it?

I know that’s not great odds, but that isn’t the point I was trying to raise.

Only less than 1% of the people in this field make any money. But let’s look at where exactly are they making the money from.

Gee, I don’t know. The 99%, silly.

The money they made must have came from the investments of the other distributors who had joined and failed. Basic mathematics, broski.

Money doesn’t just magically fall out of the palms of these MLM companies, you know.

Nobody actually makes a net profit here. Your losses equals somebody else’s profit. How bout that.

Which mathematically means, most affiliates have to fail for you to make money.

Think about that for a second.

Here’s another way to think about it. If everybody made money, that means the ‘pyramid of success’ will just keep getting bigger and bigger until you’d have the whole world enrolled.

Exponential expansion simply cannot take you that far.

When there’s absolutely nobody else left to enrol (like all 7b people on earth, assuming it gets that far), the vast number of affiliates will line the bottom, which have not yet, and never will extend the chain to make their money.

It always dooms the vast majority. I mean, come on.

Recycled quotes like “If you work the system hard enough, you’ll succeed” are so misguided it pains me to even laugh at them.

Come on now.

It’s like saying everybody who studies hard will eventually land a job on Wall Street. Won’t happen.

There are only a handful of openings each year, and securing one means fighting somebody else (who probably works just as hard and follows the system to the letter) tooth and nail for it.

Sorry. It’s reality.


Oh boy. Here comes the bit where I sneakily drop a link to a completely unrelated ‘business opportunity’, pretending like its the hottest new shit around.

And honestly, I totally would if I were just another affiliate.

But I’m not here to insult your intelligence.

There are a billion ways to make money on the internet. There’s no one singular path to success.

Whatever solves a problem you can build a legitimate business around will work.

Having said that, it’ll be unfair to myself if I didn’t promote my own thing just a little bit.

Am I still in the MLM space? Nah.

There’s no upselling, no commission plan involved. Just me providing genuine value to my clients, like an actual business.

This digital marketing skills college will teach you how to become a successful internet entrepreneur.

In a nutshell, I use my shiny new skills SEO skills to help local companies grow.

I actually have clients I feel good telling other people about now.


So why no more MLM? It’s not the companies I have a problem with – it’s the industry as a whole that leaves me with a sour taste.

And that’s why I left – I couldn’t ethically promote something to other people, knowing damn well I had no way of bringing them success.


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Free web hosting versus paid web hosting- Which is better?

The IT world has grown by leaps and bounds in a few short years. No matter what our business is, now we can launch our own website with free-of-cost website builder and webhosting services. The free webhosting schemes are attracting masses as they happen to be a very economical option for website publishing.

However, just as every coin has two sides, the free webhosting services have their own pros and cons. The attractive and somewhat misleading advertisements usually don’t focus on the demerits of these services, due to which the clients are not provided with the complete picture and remain misguided. Therefore, we’ve formulated a comprehensive guide which presents the pros and cons of these free webhosting services in an absolutely unbiased manner.

Free Webhosting Service

As the name suggests, the free webhosting service offers cost-free website hosting services to different clients. In this case, the virtual server, which runs its own VPS i.e. Web Hosting Software and OS copy, is allotted to the specified website on the server which connects the VPNs to different public networks which include limited email accounts, limited bandwidth, and internet. VPN stands for Virtual Private Networks which are the extension of localized private networks on the internet. Multiple websites are hosted together by VPN servers in a single physical storage host. These websites are also assigned specific virtual IP addresses and they are accessed by free sub-domain names.

However, there’s one misconception that these webhosting services are not earning any money by providing these free-of cost services. In reality, these webhosting services earn a fortune from their hosted websites by placing multiple advertisements on them. For instance, the annoying online advertisements on the side bar of different websites, or the irritating pop-up banner on the websites which are being hosted for free.


The only absolute advantage of these webhosting services is that they happen to be highly economical and cost-effective. No paid subscription is needed to acquire their services. But it must be remembered that every webhosting service provider has their customized policies and plans. The owners of these services have free space on each website’s server. Also, they can access the website with free sub-domain name and they’re provided with an international reach over WWW i.e. World Wide Web.


Almost everyone who wants to publish a website for their specific business wants to use it to obtain monetary benefits. But the free webhosting services have many demerits in this regard which are discussed below in detail:

No Separate Domain

The free webhosting service providers don’t allot a main domain to their clients. They only provide a sub-domain to the clients with their own main domain. For instance, the personal blogs which have the website address in the format like Hence, if you want your own separate domain, you must opt for the paid website hosting service providers.

Excessive Advertisements

The unrelated advertisements of these free webhosting services divert the attention of the potential customers or target audience of the client’s website. Hence, if you don’t want annoying advertisements on your website, choose the paid hosting services. For instance, if the website of the popular SONY brand shows the advertisement of beauty treatments or hair growth supplements, the reach and interest for the brand will be reduced in the target market.

Limited Speed and Bandwidth

It must be remembered that free webhosting providers offer restricted bandwidth and limited speed for data transfer. It means that the number of visitors which are allowed to visit your website will be limited on a monthly basis. If that limit is exceeded, the servers stop the website hosting altogether, thereby forcing the client to purchase the paid website hosting services for unlimited data transfer and extended bandwidth.

Also, when the servers suddenly stop hosting the website, it can immensely affect the running business especially if the client is providing any online service like e-tutorials.

Customer Support

The free website hosing providers don’t offer any customer support if a person gets stuck on a technical installation or they require guidance or tutorial. Therefore, if you’re new to the hosting world and you don’t have time or technical skills to deal with the complicated settings and other complexities of installation and overall running of a website, don’t ever choose the free webhosting service providers.

File Size

Most of the free webhosting providers restrict the file size of web elements and graphics. For instance, most of the free service providers restrict the image size to 250 KB in JPEG and other formats. Hence, if you can’t compromise on the quality of images and other illustrations on your website, then you must ask your service provider whether they have such limitations as it’s usually not mentioned in their advertisements.

All in all, there are many disadvantages of free webhosting services which prove to be a great obstacle in the way of your flourishing business and rob you of a number of monetary benefits. Hence, if you simply want a website for name and recognition, like a personal blog, and you can deal with all the technicalities of a running website, then you can choose free webhosting and save yourself a few bucks. However, if you want to publish a commercial website or self-advertising blogs with a clear aim of earning money, promoting your product, lead generation, and building product recognition, then you need the refined and extended services of paid webhosting service providers.

It’s also important to select the right paid webhosting as its one of the major SEO parameters for online accomplishment. If you’re running a limited business and want to publish a small website, then paid webhosting providers offer discounted rates and you can acquire their services by investing a small amount of money. It’s recommended for small business owners to analyze the nature of their business and the pros and cons of free webhosting services and then make an informed decision about their webhosting service provider.

This list of the top hosting companies ranks paid hosting solutions that have good reviews and are affordable.

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Is human growth hormone technology (HGH) really that bad for you?

One of the most recent technological advances in the health and athletic performance industry are human growth hormone supplements. We brought the issue to GeekSmack to see if they’re really as bad as the media portrays them to be.

The Human Growth Hormone (HGH), alternatively known as somatotropin, is a naturally occurring peptide hormone that performs an array of growth and development related functions in human beings. Some of these are:

  • Growth stimulation.
  • Cellular reproduction.
  • Cellular regeneration.
  • Regulate the body’s composition.
  • Maintaining fluid balance.
  • Metabolism.
  • Bone growth.
  • Muscle growth.

It can be classified as a stress hormone which, when released, leads to an increase in the concentration of glucose and fatty acids in the human body.

During childhood, the daily secretion of HGH steadily increases as the child grows into an adult. The secretion levels are highest during adolescence. However, following this phase, the daily secretion levels begin to decline and are lowest in old age.

What is synthetic HGH?

Synthetic or artificial HGH was developed in 1985 and approved by FDA for certain uses. It was developed using recombinant DNA technology and was available in two different varieties, although both are similar in potencies and biological impact. These two varieties are:

Somatropin: Similar to the naturally occurring HGH in our bodies.

Somatrem: Slightly different to the natural poly-peptide hormone due to an additional amino acid. [1]

What is synthetic HGH used for?

Synthetic HGH is an active ingredient in a variety of prescription drugs and products. Many doctors prescribe these products to both adults and children. The number of uses range from FDA-approved to non-FDA approved. Let’s examine both kinds of uses one at a time:

FDA-approved uses

In children:

Synthetic HGH is prescribed for therapeutic use in children for a wide range of reasons. Some of these include growth hormone deficiency, poor growth, and short stature. Some of the reasons for the prescription of FDA-approved synthetic HGH are:

  • Turner’s syndrome: A condition affecting girls in which they are fully or partially missing an X chromosome. Although HGH injections cannot cure Turner’s syndrome, they are prescribed as a treatment for the symptoms. [2]
  • Prader-Willi syndrome: A rare disorder caused by seven missing or unexpressed genes. Some of its effects include low muscle tone, poor sexual development, learning disabilities, short height, and excessive hunger. Synthetic HGH therapy is prescribed to increase muscle mass. [3]
  • Growth Hormone Deficiency: Caused by problems in the pituitary glands inhibiting the release of growth hormones. It can cause hypoglycemia and the development of a micropenis in infants. In later stages of childhood, it may cause growth failure or slow rate of growth. Synthetic HGH injections may treat these symptoms. [4]

In adults:

Some of the FDA-approved uses of synthetic HGH therapy in adults include:

  • Short bowel syndrome: It can be caused intestinal dysfunction or the surgical removal of a part of the small intestine and can result in malabsorption of nutrients. Synthetic growth hormones can increase the intestinal capacity to absorb nutrients. [5]
  • Pituitary tumors: Our pituitary gland is the part of the brain which regulates the secretion and balance of hormones in the body, including the human growth hormone. Pituitary tumors are abnormal growth in the brains that may inhibit the secretions of growth hormones. In such cases, synthetic HGH may be prescribed.
  • Muscle atrophy: Muscle atrophy can be defined as a decrease in muscle mass. It can be experienced after disabling circumstances such as starvation or lack of movement. It can also be caused due to diseases such as cancer, AIDS, and poliomyelitis. Since synthetic HGH is used to gain muscle mass in athletes illegally, it can serve a similar function here legally. Growth hormone therapy is one of the means to treat muscle atrophy. [6]

Non FDA-approved uses

Perhaps the most common uses of synthetic HGH are non FDA-approved. These uses include illicit means of gaining muscle mass and performance enhancement in sports, athletics, and physical fitness competitions. It is not the sole means to achieve the aforementioned results though. Synthetic HGH are usually utilized in addition to performance enhancing drugs even though, medically, their impact on performance enhancement in athletics is not yet known.

Other uses include anti-aging purposes. Again, no credible, reliable, and definitive scientific evidence proves that synthetic HGH products could lead to age-related bodily deterioration. However, many self-proclaimed experts suggest the use of synthetic HGH for anti-aging purposes.

What are the side-effects of synthetic HGH?

According to the FDA, “Among the possible long-term side effects of HGH is an increased risk of cancer, and other dangerous side effects have been reported, including nerve pain and elevated cholesterol and glucose levels.” [7] Other side effects of the use of synthetic HGH include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: The carpal tunnel is the passageway that connects the forearm to the palm. This condition occurs due to nerve compression causing pain in the hand and the arm, numbness, and a tingling sensation. The risk is increased when people take daily doses of 4iu or higher. Other risk factors include heavy physical activity involving the hand or the arm, such as during excessive workout regimens.
  • Edema: It can be described as the swelling of various body parts due to higher than normal accumulation of fluid. It can usually occur in feet and ankles but sometimes also in other parts of the body. The use of synthetic HGH can increase water retention in the body which may lead up to edema.
  • Hypoglycemia or diabetes: Hypoglycemia can be described as the sudden drop in sugar or glucose levels in the blood to abnormal level. In physical terms, it may be experienced as a sudden “hunger attack.” The risk increases after sessions of heavy physical activity. This can be caused due to an increase in the dose of synthetic HGH. It may also lead to diabetes in some cases.
  • Synthetic HGH can also lead to joint pain and muscle pain.
  • Since synthetic HGH stimulates growth in body cells, it may lead to an abnormal growth in malignant cells such as cancerous cells or a tumor. This is why the users of synthetic HGH are at a greater risk of cancer than non-users.