Geek Debate: What’s the most effective way to prevent sickness?

Welcome to this week’s Geek Debate where we will be discussing the most effective ways you can prevent yourself from getting sick.

So is it washing your hands?

Getting a flu shot?

Krill oil supplements?

Let’s take a look…

Ranking the best ways to prevent sickness

1. Probiotics

Probiotics are a relatively new term in the health space, but they have become the most popular preventative supplement across the globe.

In our guts we have billions of living micro-organisms. Some of them are good, some not so good. So how do you keep a balance?

Probiotic supplements.

Yes, you can get probiotics naturally by eating foods like yogurt and cottage cheese. But taking a probiotic supplement is probably the single most efficient and effective way to ensure you are maintaining a healthy balance of your gut organisms.

2. Washing your hands

Uh, welcome to elementary school where the nurse will come around to each class and demonstrate the proper way to wash your hands.

Worth it?

Actually, turns out it certainly is worth it. Washing your hands periodically is a great way to make sure you aren’t contaminating your body with unwanted germs.

How often should you wash? Well, not too much. Washing your hands with soap too much can cause dry skin and even rashes.

The obvious answers; after the bathroom, after going to a public place like a grocery store, work office, or school, and before you touch or prepare any food.

Not so obvious answers; after touching your face, after using a computer/tablet/phone, before going to bed (we do some weird stuff with our hands while we sleep believe it or not), and after petting a cat or dog.

3. Regular exercise

Routine exercise does amazing things for your body. It can help regulate your hormonal balances, improve cardiovascular health, and keep your immune system in check.

Not to mention, regular exercise also contributes to regular sleep and eating habits.

Keeping these in check will help your body be ready to fight off any harmful organisms you might be exposed to.

4. Adequate Sleep

Sleep, sleep, sleep. It’s important you know.

It’s like connecting your body to the charging cable so you can power up back to full strength.

When you lack sleep, your body has to work extra hard to carry out normal body functions. This weakens the immune system and can make you vulnerable to sickness.

But it is also important to remember that too much sleep isn’t necessarily healthy either. Keep a balance by setting a nightly hourly sleep goal and try not to let yourself get too far behind.


There are many things you can be doing to prevent yourself from getting sick.

Simply put, you gotta eat good, sleep good, exercise good, and drink a lot of water.

But simply adding a few extra preventative measures can be the difference maker that keeps you from getting sick next flu season.

Don’t be afraid to try new stuff out and see what works for you. After all, it’s the only body you have for the rest of your life so you better take good care of it.


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