Exclusive Windows 7 SP1 Beta Leaks Screenshots

It seems that the inevitable has finally happened. Windows 7 SP1 has finally leaked and should be available in the usual areas soon for anyone who wants to give it a try. I have gotten my hands on this build of SP1 and will show off a few shots for your viewing pleasure.

First off, this build is very recent, with a compile date of March 27th. The full build string is as follows:


The install process is much of what you would expect from a service pack installer, but one thing I noticed is the installation is MUCH faster than the install process for service packs on Vista was, which is a very welcome change. Below are some screenshots from the installation process of Windows 7 SP1:

After the above process takes place the system will reboot a total of two times, which is actually a rather quick process. After this happens and you log in you are presented with the following screen:


Now SP1 is installed on your machine. Below are a couple of shots that show the elements of the system that contain the SP1 branding. Note that as with vista, the main build number has been incremented by one, so you now have Build 7601.

So there you have it everyone, a look at the Windows 7 SP1 beta. Like I said in the beginning of this post, it should be available from the usual sources for your experimentation very soon.