Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview Leaks

Thus far, our thirst for new stuff to rip to bits has been kept quenched by Windows 7, and now that there won’t be anything really new with Windows 7 builds except for under the hood bug fixes and performance improvements here and there, it seems that there will be another widely used Microsoft product to keep us occupied: Microsoft Office 2010, also known as Microsoft Office 14.

Build 14.0.4006.1010, which is a technical preview, has seeped its way onto the internet, and it may be found at the torrent links at the bottom of this article. Office 2010 is confirmed to ship in both x64 and x86 flavors, and both have leaked. Keep your eyes out on GeekSmack for a screenshot gallery and an overview of all the new and exciting things in Office 2010, and I’d like to thank community member Panda X for the tip!

UPDATE: The torrent links seem to be offline, but once we confirm more valid torrents/the current torrents return we will update this article again.