Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Beta 2 screenshots surface, leak imminent

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Beta 2 screenshots surface, leak imminent

WZOR, the Russian enthusiast site that’s been responsible for many leaks of Office 2010 and Windows 7 builds during their development have stated that they will soon leak Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 build While they are yet to leak the .dmg file to the Interwebs, they did post up a nice and lengthy screenshot gallery, and all of the images WZOR published are enclosed in this post for your viewing pleasure.

The file information according to WZOR is as follows:

SIZE: 625,145,015 byte
SHA1: E0AC5320A3F07E4C406C9C1DD74DF1921B577CD1
MD5: 048E76275918997112AB1A4F8EFBB72B

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011, announced on February 10th, 2010 promises to bring an array of new features to the table that will give Mac users an improved Office experience. One of the biggest visual changes with Office for Mac 2011 though is that Microsoft Is bringing the Ribbon UI to the Mac, with Office 2011 taking advantage of this interface like its Windows counterpart. On the functionality side of the spectrum though, Office 2011 will have improved co-authoring tools thanks to the Office Web Apps; now, you will be able to work on a Word, PowerPoint or Excel file from an array of locations, allowing you to collaborate with others to bring these documents to life.

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 is expected to touch down later this year. Below are screenshots of the build that WZOR is expected to leak in a short while: