Roomba 650 vs. Eufy 11s: Entry Level Robot Vacuums

Roomba 650 vs. Eufy 11s: Entry Level Robot Vacuums

Having a robot vacuum at home means you have a cleaning buddy that never gets tired of working daily. It will keep your floor and carpets tidy by getting rid of pet hairs, crumbs, and dust, among others, making it easier for you to manage your home.

Roomba and Eufy are among the leading robot vacuum brands that you should consider any time you need a robot vacuum. Roomba, a product of iRobot, is a household name when it comes to robot vacuums and has been on the market since 2002. Despite being around for years, Roomba has managed to shake off every serious competition and remain on top of the game.

Eufy, on the other hand, is an upcoming robot vacuum brand that has beaten all odds to get to the level of the leading brands like Roomba. Both brands have several models to their name and if you are not sure about the features to look out for, making a choice can be difficult.

To make it easier for you, here is a look at some of the leading models of both Roomba and Eufy robot vacuums:

Eufy Robovac 11

Cost: $159.99

This high suction robot vacuum cleaner will keep your home clean without lifting a finger. It has a high capacity battery that can last up to 1.5 hours and will go back to the charging dock once it runs out of charge. To make it even better, Eufy Robovac 11 has side brushes, a rolling brush and strong suction that will give your house a complete clean.

Key Features

  • Anti-scratch glass cover protection
  • Infrared sensor to allow it evade obstacles
  • Drop-sense technology to prevent falls
  • Automatic recharge.
  • 3-point cleaning system


  • 100 minutes of continued use
  • Remote control
  • Big dustbin
  • Smart scheduling ability
  • Auto recharge
  • Infrared and manual sensors
  • Quiet 
  • Affordable


  • Takes longer to charge
  • May require manual interference

Eufy Robovac 11+

Cost: $249

If you are looking for a quiet, appealing, and easy-to-use robot vacuum cleaner, the Eufy Robovac 11+ will be your perfect choice. The model is an upgraded version for the Robovac 11 which makes it a better option.

Key Features

  • 55l capacity dustbin
  • Sensors to prevent collision and falls
  • Return-to-charge functionality
  • Remote control
  • 100 minutes of battery life


  • More affordable
  • Good battery life
  • Remote control usage


  • Lacks Wi-Fi compatibility
  • Not Compatible with smartphones

Eufy Robovac 11S

Price: $200

Robovac 11S is among the best robot vacuums that are not only affordable but offers a great clean. It has great suction and amazing triple filtration to help in cleaning pet hairs, crumbs and other forms of dirt on your floor. You can use it for your hard floor or a thin carpet which makes it ideal if you have different types of floors in your house.

Key Features

  • Remote control
  • High-performance filter
  • Four side brushes


  • More affordable
  • 100 minutes of battery life
  • Sleek design that allows it to clean in places where other robot vacuums cannot reach
  • High-performance filters
  • Different cleaning modes that include edge, spot or max making them ideal for difficult to clean areas.
  • Has a triple filter system to give you a cleaner home


  • Cannot clean corners
  • Follows random pattern when cleaning
  • Takes longer to charge compared to other models
  • May need manual intervention
  • Hard to find replacement parts if it breaks down
  • Not compatible with Alexa or even Google Assistant

Roomba Robot Vacuums

Since 2002, iRobot has been making some of the most amazing robot vacuums with each new model being better and more effective. The robots have smart sensors to guide them around your home as they clean under the furniture, on different floor types, and around clutters.

Here are some of the available Roomba vacuum brands in the market today:

Roomba 670

Cost: $649

Roomba 670 has multiple sensors that enable it to find its way around your home. The acoustic sensors can detect places where dirt is highly concentrated and focus the cleaning there. To make it even better, it has a low-profile design that allows it to clean under furniture, leaving no dirt behind.

You don’t have to worry about your robot when cleaning as it has sensors that allow it to keep off stairs or any other drop-off.


  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, making it possible for you to schedule your cleaning from any location
  • Has a status monitoring ability which allows you to see the cleaning progress
  • App-based support where you can get help any time the need arises
  • Automatic recharge
  • Able to navigate corners and edges


  • Expensive to buy

Roomba 960

This is another classy product from iRobot that has a mapping capability whose base is a camera sensor. With this, the robot vacuum will be able to memorize the house interiors and create an efficient cleaning path. The robot also has a dirt detecting technology that allows it to concentrate more on the dirtiest parts of the house. When the bin fills up, there is an indicator that shows it is time to empty the trash. 

If your home has pets, Roomba 960 will be an ideal choice as the anti-tangle silicone brushes are designed to pick pet hair. 

Key Features

  • Mapping capability
  • High precision map
  • Automatic docking and recharge
  • 75 minutes of battery life
  • Tangle-free bristles
  • High filter capability
  • Cliff sensors to prevent it from falling


  • More affordable than Roomba 980
  • You can control the robot remotely from any location
  • Will resume cleaning from where it stopped after recharging
  • Reliable cleaning pattern


  • Shorter battery life
  • Not very good for cleaning carpets

Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum

This amazing robot vacuum has sensors that allow it to adapt to any changes in your home. You can schedule your homes cleaning 7 times each week or simply press the clean button any time you want your house cleaned.

The robot has 2 brushes that rotate counteractively. The side brush will pull dirt from floor corners and put it on the rotary brush’s path where it will be swept into the robot’s suction. This cleaning more will keep your home clean even in the hardest to reach places.

Compared to other Roomba vacuum cleaners, the 650 model is less expensive that makes it possible for most people to afford it.


  • Can clean any type of floor
  • Has sensors to help in navigating without falling off the stairs or bumping into objects
  • Roomba has a dirt detecting sensor that makes it possible for it to concentrate on the dirtiest places when cleaning
  • Has a virtual wall that will prevent it from banging into objects. This will be ideal if your home has multiple rooms and you want the robot to concentrate on only one of the rooms.


  • It is not Wi-Fi enables
  • Has a likelihood of bumping into objects and may even leave marks on them
  • Does not follow any definite pattern and this means it will clean some places better and accidentally leave others untouched.

As you can see, there are countless options to choose from when it comes to entry-level robot vacuums. To know your best robot vacuum, you’ll consider the size of your house, your budget, and the type of floor in your home. Both Roomba and Eufy have numerous models, some that will cost less and others that are quite expensive. By considering the specifications of these different models, you will be able to buy the one that will work best for you.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Robot Vacuum

  • Floor Type: there are robot vacuum brands that will clean very well but will easily get stuck on a carpet or a rug when making a switch. If your home has multiple floor types, you’ll put this into consideration when buying your vacuum.
  • Size of your home: if you have an extensive home, you’ll need a robot vacuum that can run for longer without the need to recharge. Some models can run up to 2 hours but for others, you can only have one hour of continuous use.
  • Your Budget: unlike in the past where robot vacuums were only meant for the affluent, the availability of more affordable options makes it possible for anyone to afford a robot vacuum. You can never miss a robot vacuum that can fit your budget.

The Verdict

Both Roomba and Eufy have some amazing robot vacuum brands and the technology keeps getting better. The prices are also lower making it possible for most people to afford them without overstretching their budget.

Roomba models have some amazing features such as Dirt Detect, Wi-Fi connectivity, and Virtual Wall which makes them a great bargain. Eufy, on the other hand, majors on raw ability and will challenge the more established robot vacuum brands such as Roomba 980. Whether you want a strong vacuum cleaner of a smart robot vacuum, you can never go wrong with either Roomba or Eufy brands.