Apple’s 30-pin dock connector to support DisplayPort, USB 3.0, Thunderbolt?

Patently Apple has discovered that Apple has been granted a new patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office.The patent reveals what appears to be a new dock connector that can support both DisplayPort/USB 3.0/Thunderbolt.

Apple has been granted a powerful patent that packs quite the wallop. Somehow they snuck a secret patent application through the system for an all-new high speed connector that will combine at least USB 3.0 and DisplayPort. Although the patent illustrates an iPod as being one of the first to adopt this, the patent clarifies that it’s for all future Mac hardware as well.

However, it isn’t clear if this will be backward compatible with the current 30-pin connectors.

iMac Touch Shown Off in Apple Patents

The patent above, as recently revealed by Patently Apple, shows that Apple are looking into a touchscreen variant of the iMac. But with a twist, more so, a tilt. The stand itself has a hinge built into it that allows the screen to fold backwards to an almost flat position, at which the accelerometer inside will detect and boot into iOS mode, rather than OS X mode which is the mode it’ll boot into in regular iMac positioning.

Updated: Twitter suspends parody @ceoSteveJobs account

Updated: Twitter suspends parody @ceoSteveJobs account

Today, it appears that Twitter has suspended the ceoSteveJobs Twitter account, which had approximately 460,000 followers and over 650 tweets at the time of deletion.

Back in January, it turns out that Twitter received a complaint about the account from Apple, in which Apple noted that the account is inviolation of Twitter’s parody account policy as it didn’t clearly state in the account name that it was a parody. Thus, it could be mistaken for a real account (which it was, by a considerable amount of people).

While it is unknown whether specifically the account was suspended for that reason in particular, we have reached out to Twitter and are awaiting comment on the matter.

UPDATE: It appears that today, Twitter has brought the account back from the pits of suspension, under the new name of @fakeceoSteve.

Pre-order your iPad 2 now!

Yesterday, Apple annouced that pre-orders would start at 1 AM PST but it seems like you are able to order an iPad 2 now! Go order one now 🙂 ! Estimated shipping date for iPads are from March 18 – March 25th.

Online orders will ship within 3-5 days, and you are currently limited to two units per order.

Update: Apple has extended shipping estimates for new orders out to 2-3 weeks for all 18 models