Windows 7 RTM on Track, Compiled

We previously reported that the RTM build was delayed due to show-stopper bugs, however, WZor reports that they have managed to meet the compile target date of July 10th, and have compiled the RTM build, which, unlike what we previously suspected, is build 7600.16384.090710-1945, and not 7300. This build has a valid digital signature, and this cannot be faked.

This build is in the process of leaking so expect to see it on your favorite torrent site/FTP/file sharing service soon, but in the interim keep watch for any fakes that will be uploaded, as I assure you, there will be many. As the screenshots posted do not have Aero enabled, we do not know yet whether the rumors that a new UI will be included in the RTM build are true, but we’re trying to get our hands on such a screen and we will update this post accordingly when the time comes.

All that we do know now though is that the RTM build has been compiled on July 10th, and we can expect to see it officially announced on July 13th, or maybe even the 14th with Ballmer’s keynote. It will certainly be announced at the Worldwide Partner Conference though along with several other exciting goodies, so we’re looking forward to it!