Windows 8′s secret logon screen revealed

Earlier, GeekSmack reported on registry keys confirming that Windows 8 will have a second, tile-based shell for tablets dubbed “Immersive”. Now, Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott have revealed the logon screen for this shell, which GeekSmack can independently confirm as real despite some misinformed rants about this being an April Fool’s day joke.

What this reveals to us is basically a Metro-inspired logon screen, akin to that of the Windows Phone. The display showcases the date, day of the week, icons for power management, and ease of access stuff. Rafael also notes that Microsoft will be building on this lock screen, allowing for a “pattern unlock” for tablet users similar to Android, and audio controls for music so you can easily control music playback whilst your tablet device is locked.

Rafael and Paul are sure to be revealing more of the hidden bits in Windows 8 throughout the coming weeks, so stay tuned!