Updated: Twitter suspends parody @ceoSteveJobs account

Updated: Twitter suspends parody @ceoSteveJobs account

Today, it appears that Twitter has suspended the ceoSteveJobs Twitter account, which had approximately 460,000 followers and over 650 tweets at the time of deletion.

Back in January, it turns out that Twitter received a complaint about the account from Apple, in which Apple noted that the account is inviolation of Twitter’s parody account policy as it didn’t clearly state in the account name that it was a parody. Thus, it could be mistaken for a real account (which it was, by a considerable amount of people).

While it is unknown whether specifically the account was suspended for that reason in particular, we have reached out to Twitter and are awaiting comment on the matter.

UPDATE: It appears that today, Twitter has brought the account back from the pits of suspension, under the new name of @fakeceoSteve.

Pre-order your iPad 2 now!

Yesterday, Apple annouced that pre-orders would start at 1 AM PST but it seems like you are able to order an iPad 2 now! Go order one now 🙂 ! Estimated shipping date for iPads are from March 18 – March 25th.

Online orders will ship within 3-5 days, and you are currently limited to two units per order.

Update: Apple has extended shipping estimates for new orders out to 2-3 weeks for all 18 models

Windows 7 RTM on Track, Compiled

Windows 7 RTM on Track, Compiled

We previously reported that the RTM build was delayed due to show-stopper bugs, however, WZor reports that they have managed to meet the compile target date of July 10th, and have compiled the RTM build, which, unlike what we previously suspected, is build 7600.16384.090710-1945, and not 7300. This build has a valid digital signature, and this cannot be faked.

This build is in the process of leaking so expect to see it on your favorite torrent site/FTP/file sharing service soon, but in the interim keep watch for any fakes that will be uploaded, as I assure you, there will be many. As the screenshots posted do not have Aero enabled, we do not know yet whether the rumors that a new UI will be included in the RTM build are true, but we’re trying to get our hands on such a screen and we will update this post accordingly when the time comes.

All that we do know now though is that the RTM build has been compiled on July 10th, and we can expect to see it officially announced on July 13th, or maybe even the 14th with Ballmer’s keynote. It will certainly be announced at the Worldwide Partner Conference though along with several other exciting goodies, so we’re looking forward to it!

Microsoft Office 2010 Technical Preview Leaks

Thus far, our thirst for new stuff to rip to bits has been kept quenched by Windows 7, and now that there won’t be anything really new with Windows 7 builds except for under the hood bug fixes and performance improvements here and there, it seems that there will be another widely used Microsoft product to keep us occupied: Microsoft Office 2010, also known as Microsoft Office 14.

Build 14.0.4006.1010, which is a technical preview, has seeped its way onto the internet, and it may be found at the torrent links at the bottom of this article. Office 2010 is confirmed to ship in both x64 and x86 flavors, and both have leaked. Keep your eyes out on GeekSmack for a screenshot gallery and an overview of all the new and exciting things in Office 2010, and I’d like to thank community member Panda X for the tip!

UPDATE: The torrent links seem to be offline, but once we confirm more valid torrents/the current torrents return we will update this article again.

Exclusive Windows 7 SP1 Beta Leaks Screenshots

It seems that the inevitable has finally happened. Windows 7 SP1 has finally leaked and should be available in the usual areas soon for anyone who wants to give it a try. I have gotten my hands on this build of SP1 and will show off a few shots for your viewing pleasure.

First off, this build is very recent, with a compile date of March 27th. The full build string is as follows:


The install process is much of what you would expect from a service pack installer, but one thing I noticed is the installation is MUCH faster than the install process for service packs on Vista was, which is a very welcome change. Below are some screenshots from the installation process of Windows 7 SP1:

After the above process takes place the system will reboot a total of two times, which is actually a rather quick process. After this happens and you log in you are presented with the following screen:


Now SP1 is installed on your machine. Below are a couple of shots that show the elements of the system that contain the SP1 branding. Note that as with vista, the main build number has been incremented by one, so you now have Build 7601.

So there you have it everyone, a look at the Windows 7 SP1 beta. Like I said in the beginning of this post, it should be available from the usual sources for your experimentation very soon.